Daily K-12 Core Value Lessons
"At home, school and your community!
Begin each day with Positive Actions!"

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🤗MINDSET MONDAYS! WK12Ep52S8 💜 Wellness/Bienestar⏰ 11/29/21👩🏾‍💻 PositiveValuesNetwork.com
TELL ME Tue, 🤗 Wk12Ep53S8 🌈 Wellness,Bienestar📚11/30/21📚"Suzie the Dressmaker"✅PositiveValuesNetwork
WELLNESS Wed🤗 Wk12Ep54S8🧘🏽‍♀️YOGA for Kids🌈 WELLNESS/BIENESTAR   🎉12/1/21 PositiveValuesNetwork.com
THANKFUL Thu 🤗 Wk12Ep55S8 🍎Teen Time Skit🌈 WELLNESS,BIENESTAR📚12/2/21📚 PositiveValuesNetwork.com
🥳 FUN FRIDAY! WK12Ep56S8 💜 WELLNESS, BIENESTAR⏰ 12/3/21🌎PositiveValuesNetwork.com
💚 Positive Actions🍎 High School, Wk12Ep10S2🍎12/3/21🎨WELLNESS💡BIENESTAR🥰PositiveValuesNetwork.com

Positive Action Word of the Week

   Wellness In Spanish, Bienestar

Positive Action Weekly ACTIVITY


                     "Wooohoo! It's time for Positive Actions!"

"¡Hola, es hora de Acción Positiva!"

⬇️⬇️Grade 9-12 Positive Actions⬇️⬇️

Watch Weekly Here:                         Enroll Today Here:

Youth & Peace in Action

Next, click "students become

a Young Peace Builder"

Then, use this

access code to enroll:


⬇️⬇️On the Road in West Virginia⬇️⬇️

Grades 6-8

Join Wayne Worth for a unique West Virginia journey here:  On the Road in WV

"On the Road in West Virginia: Our 55 Counties is a video documentary of the History and Culture of each West Virginia County in under 10 minutes. Keeping it short, sweet, and entertaining."

Begin in MoCo and travel to a new county each week. Just click!

⬇️⬇️Race & Diversity Series: 13 PBS Books ⬇️⬇️











Using Positive Actions, Prevention, and Wellness 

to discoverstudent's self concept, promote physical

and intellectual wellness, raise developmental assets,

achieve individual academic success;

for choices today for a positive tomorrow;

building strong relationships

at home, school, and in your community!

Fun for our pre-K friends: join Martin and Mr. Dave!  From EPIC, the Eastern Panhandle Instructional Coop, watch Martin go to school below!  And for more PAWsome adventures, click "Martin's Moments" below.

Meet MARTIN & Mr Dave!

PERRY the PAWsitive Puppet


Daily Stories to Celebrate Diversity

⬇️⬇️Virtual Career Day⬇️⬇️

Zoom Room School Science Assemblies





Positive Actions 


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